Monday, 3 May 2010

Winning the Lottery

This is what it looks  when you win the lottery, eleven o'clock at night. When I came back tonight, a parcel was awaiting me full of surprises- every serviette and tissue paper held another surprise and they all came from Oese of Raum für Raum!
What a lovely ending for this day.Thank you so much! . 


  1. What an amazing treasure trove - and I see some Kaffe Fassett fabric in there too

  2. It's certainly going to be a treasure !
    Which of the fabrics is Kaffe Fassets? is it the one with the Golden circles? It looks to me ad Hundertwasser or Klimt influence! Thanks Glenda.

  3. Lovely goodies! Ops, now I can write from left to right...have you changed your layout? thank you very much, it's much easier for me now.I make a lot of mistakes and I couldn't fix them easily before. Have a nice day Rosanna

  4. Ja suuuper - jetzt geht alles in englisch und du kannst sogar Ü's schreiben. Ist einfacher für uns, das andere war aber auch irgendwie lustig. Man wusste ja in etwa, wo man hinklicken muss.
    Ich freue mich, dass dir alles gefällt.