Saturday, 10 December 2011

December in Haifa

 Haifa is 25 km from home and used to be home for me for many years.Its a happily mixed city:
Christians, Muslims and Jews- about 270,000 at the moment.
Every December the holidays of thethe three religions  are celebrated: Christmas, Hanuka and if there is an Id ( this year there is nothing on) .
Every weekend downtown Haifa is packed with visitors looking for the Holiday spirit. It an occasion of mixing Culture , art, religion and of course food.
you won't find Leebkuchen or straw  and wood decoration , but Falafel,Schwarma, red, green, gold, silver and a lot of snowflakes and glitter!
It was a fine dry cold and sunny day today .

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A day bed makeover: before and after pictures

I got this day bed and saw the potential behind its country, too sweet image, so the make over is presented to you - I hope its clear enough.

Very recommendable for this kind of craft, is the Güttermann textile glue. It really is an all purpose glue- no sewing needed!

Et voila'!

How do you like it now? I do. It looks more grown up now.....

Saturday, 19 November 2011

upgrading last scene

you might notice this from my last post- I added more things to the scene: cushions for the couch' candles for my Chanukia ( Menora) and some doughnuts...oh, the flooring has changed as well and another armchair was found, ( leather upholstery)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Edith Samuel dolls

Following the exhibit in Tel Aviv, I pulled out the dolls I got from my grandfather and photographed them.
They are young teens in the pre -Israel state underground "HAGANA" or the pre- army called the "PALMACH".
I loved these dolls all my life. They are 20 cm tall , they wear khacki clothes and knitted caps called "Kova Gerev" ( a sock cap in Hebrew) they wear utility shoes made of leather. they wear messenger bags. They have such a sweet face!
to know more about those dolls :

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Israely dolls 1940-1980 exhibition in Tel Aviv

Recently I visited the Tel Aviv Haaretz museum. I went there especially to see this exhibition. It had a personal note as well. My mother's cousin Ruth Taubers dolls were also on show.
most were done for turists and presented the population living in Israel at the time.
most of them were done by artists. Edith Samuel  a German born artist and one of my favorites , reminds me of the German Kaete Kruse dolls.

 Ruth Tauber loved the Yemenite charachters and young Israeli kibutzniks

 All dolls were about 15-20 cm  max.

These are 10 cm .

Aren't they gorgeus?

I also saw this very interesting annual glass show hels at the museum, there instead of minis I've seen some overblown maxis- loved those too:

take a look at my other blog

For some time now I've been posting on my other blog:Neo-creating
get a look, tell me what you think. Its about my work with kids at school as an art teacher.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

lovely day

It was a lovely day- I got to meet blogist Drora Hed of hppt// www.Drora's is so kind, generous and so talented . Almost all of her work is DIY!
I'll report later of my visit- meanwhile look what I got:
two beautiful weeker chairs ,a summer set of a straw hat and bag and if this was not enough- a Psalm book so tiny....and its cover has become another bag- a" Chanel " see through this time.
Thank you and Toda Raba for a wonderful morning.

Monday, 8 August 2011

summer house - Michal's version

When Michal,my niece, has a long vacation, she finds the time to come for a long visit.
This is what she came up with ( I was the humble assistant).