Saturday, 10 September 2011

Israely dolls 1940-1980 exhibition in Tel Aviv

Recently I visited the Tel Aviv Haaretz museum. I went there especially to see this exhibition. It had a personal note as well. My mother's cousin Ruth Taubers dolls were also on show.
most were done for turists and presented the population living in Israel at the time.
most of them were done by artists. Edith Samuel  a German born artist and one of my favorites , reminds me of the German Kaete Kruse dolls.

 Ruth Tauber loved the Yemenite charachters and young Israeli kibutzniks

 All dolls were about 15-20 cm  max.

These are 10 cm .

Aren't they gorgeus?

I also saw this very interesting annual glass show hels at the museum, there instead of minis I've seen some overblown maxis- loved those too:

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