Saturday, 28 July 2012

Patie Johnson's summer

Patie Johnson's mini creations are my favourites lately. I love the quality and feel. I learn so much from her about architecture and design.
last year I built this open roof summer house - it is summer again, and a very very hot one.
A good time to use the house again. this time I kept the decore natural and earthy.
The end tables were a gift made especially for me by a colleague.The blue vase is Amnon Israeli's.
wall decor are ice cream sticks and buttons.
Look up patie's shop on .


  1. Es una escena muy hermosa!
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  2. Thank you Neomi for sharing your wonderful scenes and for bringing my miniature pieces to life.

    Did you find a 220 to 12 volt transformer?


  3. Her work is indeed amazing and your scene here shows it all off so very beautifully. I really like the natural accessories.

  4. Wahnsinn! Diese Möbel habe ich mir auch schon oft angeschaut, aber sie waren mir immer zu teuer. Ganz edel und exquisit. Auch wie Du den Raum gestaltet hast, gefällt mir sehr.
    Hoffe, bald noch mehr zu sehen.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  5. I love Pattie's work too. I only have one piece, but the quality and detail are amazing!

  6. I love your natural look, the textured walls and furniture pieces! I purchased a few things from Pattie that I haven't used yet, but I agree that they're very well made and I was very impressed!

  7. Hola Neomig!!

    Me han encantado los trabajos de Patie que nos muestras en esta entrada. El entorno que has creado y los tonos de color, me han gustado mucho, así como los detalles que acompañan el espacio.

    Me ha agradado que te gusten mis "minipekes" y me encantaría atenderte en mi correo, si tienes alguna duda o sugerencia.

    Seguiré paseando por tu blog y disfrutando de las pequeñas maravillas que tienes por aquí.

    Un abrazo.

  8. I really love all of the textiles you used. The natural woods and fabrics look fantastic, a very warm summery room.

  9. Sorry I was unable to follow your blog lately. I love these modern furniture and your scenes are just marvelous.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. An amazing find! I am rushing to email my "modern mini" friends on her work. thank you Neomi for sharing!

    Your room is really charming!