Saturday, 12 June 2010

Water Pipe ( eastern)- Help needed

I'm looking for some time now for a minature waterpipe.
In our part of the world its called :Nargila .I found that it's also called Shesha or Hooka.
Do you dear reader have any Idea where can I find something like that? Ebay doesn't.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Fedex are on their way....... or Time and Action

What's the occasion?
Well, Re ment stuff arrived , its high time to show another present from Carol ( my Reality)
And ...... I didn't show anything new for quite a while .
Oese-  And It's not  2011 yet!!!   :-)
Nick-nacks :Re-Ment and
Computer: Etsy .com
Cieling lamp,desk , bench and clock  are self made
Rug: Chienese coaster. Wall art  a coaster as well , Sculpture is by Mark Yudell
Chair: Reac ( Gift from Carol)
Side board: Moma Modern House

Some ordrer- How long will it last?