Friday, 11 June 2010

Fedex are on their way....... or Time and Action

What's the occasion?
Well, Re ment stuff arrived , its high time to show another present from Carol ( my Reality)
And ...... I didn't show anything new for quite a while .
Oese-  And It's not  2011 yet!!!   :-)
Nick-nacks :Re-Ment and
Computer: Etsy .com
Cieling lamp,desk , bench and clock  are self made
Rug: Chienese coaster. Wall art  a coaster as well , Sculpture is by Mark Yudell
Chair: Reac ( Gift from Carol)
Side board: Moma Modern House


  1. I like everything in this colourful modern scene, but I like most the way you made a combination of different things like handmade bench, reac, MoMA-house, coasters and so on. The idea with the metal "wire" for the lamp is great - and immediatly stolen.
    It's so nice we can talk via skype, so I have the currage to make jokes like "oh I hope it will be in 2010, when you show some new pics".
    These worlds only written can be hurting, but I know your voice and your humour, and that's great, so I don't have to be so carefull with what I say.
    Who don't want to work in such a colourful workspace?
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Neomi, what a feast of colour!! I love it!!
    You are a true artist!

  3. Thank you Ladies! I love you!

  4. ¡Tu trabajo es tan limpio,actual y colorido!¡Me encanta!!

  5. My last comment for this blog is fallen under the table, so I have to say it once more.
    I love the clock at the wall, she is great.


  6. Hi Nina
    It's not under the table- I 've seen it. I'm glad you like it. I like your blog and am now on your follower list!