Saturday, 23 April 2011

Organic or rather eqlectic?

Goods : Rugs are from Glenda of Peppercorn mini table and renovated couch are Ebay. Jar and elephant as well as wooden hand made back pannel are a present from my friend Naomi , flooring are cork and beautiful photos from Dalit. Plant and dog miniatures are locally made in Tivon my home town, purchased on owr last art fair two weeks ago.Desk is a rescued throw away ( excuse my English).Wall paper is William Morris.

Sofa Makeover

Once I won a shabby, not so chick Petite Princess curved sofa. It was very cheep- So I was happy to strip the pieces of the plastic structure and...... forget about it for a while.
But I saw the magnificent minis by Mid Century designer Paul MacAlister on this wonderful blog :
http//  .It gave me an idea just how I could give this sofa a makeover.
I quite like the result. I hope you do too.Does it resemble fabric?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

She has come a long way....

She is actually from the World Under-from New Zealand . Glenda has sent me this lovely Heidi Ott doll. she was supposed to be a granny, but I thought differently. ?She might be a bit chubby for nowadays teens but she can easily be a sweet sixteen, Don't you agree? She will get shoes as well.

To honor dear Glenda Howell , I'll name her Glenda from now on .

Friday, 1 April 2011

Guzzi Pearl - Miniature wisard from Israel

Isn't she wonderful? she has a site where you can see more. She also is on Facebook.  Enjoy!