Saturday, 25 December 2010

Being sick two weeks before chtistmas

Every year I look forward so for the opportunity on our decoration spree- Christmas!
 Its the highlight of the whole year. And just now- I fell sick with severe bronchitis.
No more decorations with the kids, no cookies backing or party planning....
I tried to do my best by remote control. And the kids- they were so grateful! It is just a joy that not only the present class ( 6th grade ) cared but the 7th ( even the boys) and 9th as well. They wrote greetings, sent decorations and cookies they made at school.
Happiness is in the small details- And so I send you all the best for the new year.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chanuka- last days of....

Chanuka is the Jewish holiday more or less at the same time as Chistmass. Its a holiday I love. Its happy and one can truely say "happy Chanuka"So I choose happy colors, made some doughnuts, invited my miniature Liat to join and we watched the "Comedia del Arte" I found in
Covent Garden.
I had my singing birds join in and both "Hamsa" on the wall should bring us internal luck

Friday, 10 December 2010

saved from the garbage

I adore this one above all!
The rest are a bit to small .....and not my type really. But had to be saved . 
By the way - if it wasn't for Liat my friend and teacher who gave it to me as a gift for Chanuka- i woulodn't be able to show this.
the little Raggedy Andy was bought in Covent Garden 
You might wander what takes me so long to show new stuff here- this time its a prolonged cold- with a temperature running up and down....