Saturday, 10 December 2011

December in Haifa

 Haifa is 25 km from home and used to be home for me for many years.Its a happily mixed city:
Christians, Muslims and Jews- about 270,000 at the moment.
Every December the holidays of thethe three religions  are celebrated: Christmas, Hanuka and if there is an Id ( this year there is nothing on) .
Every weekend downtown Haifa is packed with visitors looking for the Holiday spirit. It an occasion of mixing Culture , art, religion and of course food.
you won't find Leebkuchen or straw  and wood decoration , but Falafel,Schwarma, red, green, gold, silver and a lot of snowflakes and glitter!
It was a fine dry cold and sunny day today .

Sunday, 4 December 2011

A day bed makeover: before and after pictures

I got this day bed and saw the potential behind its country, too sweet image, so the make over is presented to you - I hope its clear enough.

Very recommendable for this kind of craft, is the Güttermann textile glue. It really is an all purpose glue- no sewing needed!

Et voila'!

How do you like it now? I do. It looks more grown up now.....