Friday, 9 August 2013

New Black & White

THank you Anna Maria, Megan and Patie!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hot Summer Days ( and nights) - in the library

There is a song in Hebrew:" Nothing happens In the Hot Summer nights "
... not true in my case!
 ( Still is a  beautiful song)

This is my first post after ages! A lot has happened here but not on line.
 I'll try to show some!
We are in the middle of summer. August the heaviest month of the year awaits me with the rest of us Israelis and Mediterraneans.
It realy is the hottest, most humid month of the year. When September comes, we see some hope and yearn for automn.
And so, I think of India or some other tropical climates, where there are some  gentlemen of the old school left, with their fans and scotch  and lots of books and African/south American / Asian  memorabilia.

I designed a somewhat conseptual space , it took a long time to choose the right photos.I do not take time how long it takes....
The flooring, the stairs and some of the wall "dressing"  are my neighbor contibution.
He makes wine- and uses these Australian oak squares for when the wine is flavored.
 I just rinsed them and set of to work.

I really wanted it "shabby chick " , did I make it? I wonder.
I turned this hutch into shabby - at the break of dawn.....
The book shelves on the right are Patie Jonson of 
I adore her work!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013