Saturday, 22 December 2012

End of the world, End of the year

After decorated for the big world ( you can see more at
here is my contribution to the mini world . May you all-
All religions have a Happy New Year!

I know that you haven't seen a lot of me lately - I'll try to make up a bit here. 
Eclectic , is a style I like in my personal space as well.
Here I used wonderful pieces by Patie Johnson and Carol of  Mitchimoominiature . Thank you so much dear friends. I enjoy your creations daily.
The photo above shoes my contribution to this scene: the bedside lamps made out of brass tiny goblets Samira gave me and the latest trend in jewlery. 
The bed head is a napkins holder I took apart, the base is in front of the bed as a bench.
I'd love to hear what you think!
......About the End of the World - I'm still here and so are you - I wish you all the best!

Not so sure about the art work.....

....... welll,I decided for Wilhelm Bush  and a bit of asymmetry in this room.

Rocking  chair and ceiling light fixture are by Carol of
Vanity, hanging cabinet and orange file unit is by Patie Jonson of
cushions are by Hunky Dory  of , rugs are by Glenda Howel.
The rest is by me and various others.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Automn winds

Its colder at last. Which means a lovely duvet at night and slippers of course!
I'm proud to introduce my new hand made slippers by me.
These are felted slippers and the workshop to make them was great fun....