Thursday, 14 April 2011

She has come a long way....

She is actually from the World Under-from New Zealand . Glenda has sent me this lovely Heidi Ott doll. she was supposed to be a granny, but I thought differently. ?She might be a bit chubby for nowadays teens but she can easily be a sweet sixteen, Don't you agree? She will get shoes as well.

To honor dear Glenda Howell , I'll name her Glenda from now on .


  1. I think she's very pretty :)

  2. Did you make an old lady into a sweet sixteen? Neomig, I think you have something there that can make you a billionaire! :):)

    Yes, she looks like a sweetie to me. Very nice !

  3. Dear Sans- In the mini world all is possible!:-)
    She came here nude nude and bold with a bun wig....
    Thanks for the complements.

  4. Neomi, she looks fabulous as a 16-year-old!
    I love the way you have wigged and dressed her, it makes me yearn for my youth!
    xxx Glenda

  5. Sie ist süß und der Name Glenda passt toll zu ihr.