Saturday, 12 June 2010

Water Pipe ( eastern)- Help needed

I'm looking for some time now for a minature waterpipe.
In our part of the world its called :Nargila .I found that it's also called Shesha or Hooka.
Do you dear reader have any Idea where can I find something like that? Ebay doesn't.


  1. you are lucky! I know that Sans and Pubdoll have some Hookas in their post some month ago. I don't know when, but you can search their blog with hooka I think.
    I will look for it too.


    this is the link. try to search "oriental" in pubdolls blog, you'll like it!!!!

  3. Thank you Petra- I think I saw this today after I blogged! I'll try her - hopefully it wont be 1000$ ( thats what big ones are)
    Talk with you soon

  4. Hi Robin
    Good news!
    How can I see a photos and get some details?
    I looked at your site and profile but couldn't find any E mail.
    pls contact me here or through my email!

  5. Hi Neomi,

    Here's a link to my hooka.
    I used a chess piece as the base. But I think you could glue bead findings together for the whole thing. You could run a head pin or wire through the center to support it. I hope this helps. ~Robin

  6. Hi Robin
    Thanks a lot- I looked at Etsy and understood the idea! Lots of thanks!
    I'll mention your assistance on my blog!

  7. Hi Neomig, I also made mine from beads :). Do you want to try it on your own? The previous ones that I have don were modelled after the Turkish pipes. And very recently , I did one based on an old tribal Indian pipe that was home-made. I will show that one in a later post. Maybe I will pop over and let you know when I do that :).

    Are those in the pics typically from Israel?

  8. Hi Sans
    Thanks so much for your help! In Israel we have mainly glass nargilas: Clear and decorated.I'm going to try make some as you both advised!
    Best Regards

  9. Hi Neomig.
    I'm sending with a workshop.