Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Edith Samuel dolls

Following the exhibit in Tel Aviv, I pulled out the dolls I got from my grandfather and photographed them.
They are young teens in the pre -Israel state underground "HAGANA" or the pre- army called the "PALMACH".
I loved these dolls all my life. They are 20 cm tall , they wear khacki clothes and knitted caps called "Kova Gerev" ( a sock cap in Hebrew) they wear utility shoes made of leather. they wear messenger bags. They have such a sweet face!
to know more about those dolls :


  1. Neomi, the dolls are precious and look so well preserved. You took good care of them.
    Happy Holiday, Drora xx

  2. Thank you Drora!
    Did you know that Edith Samuel lived in Rishon, and that the town has the biggest collection of her work?
    Best and a Happy New year!

  3. Those dolls have such interesting expressions! Beautiful work, CM

  4. Oh. I am a big fan of these little guys! You are LUCKY!

  5. I just acquired a little boy who looks much like your little girl. Am I correct in assuming that they date to the late 1950s?