Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The fun of trying out new stuff

The fun of being new here is the experiment. In arranging , statging and taking photos ofcourse!
Playing with lights.
I liked the trancelucent Ikea Lekman box , my new lucite sofa from E bay, cool plant in an Ikea candle holder. From the thrift shop comes the china sideboard/mantle with mirror, metal table from Bodum , accesories are from oese "Raum für Raum".
the lovely Chandelier is a  necklace from Etsy.com.


  1. Ist das nicht eine tolle Kiste?! Auch bei dir liebe ich sie. Und genau wie Du mag ich es, durch die kleinen Kästchen "hineinzufotografieren".
    Auf die Plexiglascouch bin ich ein bisschen neidisch, aber nur ein bisschen.
    Es sieht alles großartig aus, nicht nur die Sachen, auch wie du sie fotografiert hast.
    Ich freue mich so, dass du dabei bist!

  2. Wow how did you make that black chandelier? Did you spray it black? I love it! CM

  3. Neomi, it's superb!! The lighting is stunning!

  4. Dear Carol- the chandelier on chain - is a laser cut plexy glass I got from Etsy.com.
    It's working nicely , isn't it?
    Thanks all!

  5. Looks really great, Neomig! I love the chandelier!!! I enjoy reading your blog -- keep it up. Also, I could not figure out how to email you directly, but I unfortunately cannot include you in the MoMA house giveaway that I have up right now. As I wrote in my post, Chronicle Books, which is offering the free giveaway, will only ship to the US and Canada, no exceptions. It seems like you purchased it anyway, which is great!! Sorry that I have to "reject" your comments, but I have to keep it fair for others who comment. Hopefully, I will be able to do other giveaways that do not have restrictions.

  6. Ikea roombox - I love the idea!