Saturday, 8 May 2010

Help needed!!

I always considered myself to be a technical person, but this post additing is killing me. I keep reloading photos and then I cannot see or rather open the drafts( is this where all the photos have gone to?) and so I have to reload. Thats why I have already given up. My last post is a good example of the mess I create: The two bottom photos should actually be my first.
Well, how do I do that _ why wont the photos just move by dragging I wonder.
Does one of you have a tip?


  1. I know what you mean :/ It´s often a browser problem and different browsers make different problems... Did you take a look at the "help"? Sometimes you can find good tipps there.


  2. Thank you Nicola! I'll try that.

  3. I just wrote a comment and hit something and it disappeared! Frustrating!
    Ever notice how short my posts are? You have to load pictures in a rigid order. If I make a mistake I delete it and start all over. Then I go backandaddtest, Don't give up we wantto hear from you. Ifyou areonFlickryou can upload blog posts easily fromthere. CM

  4. I had the same problem of the first photos ending up being last. If you do the 'copy and paste' thing it seems to work, on my browser at least - mark the photo, push ctrl/c, mark where you want to put it and then ctrl/v. (Then you can go back and mark the original one and push delete.)
    Hope this helps.

  5. I don't know if it will be different, because I use a Mac, but when I upload photos, they always appear right at the top of the window where I am writing the post. Then I click on the photo with the mouse (one click) and cut it (control X, or maybe you could right click to do this). Then click the cursor (the mouse) where you want the photo to go, and click Control V (paste). Or use the cut and paste commands in the edit menu. (This is like Glenda said, only I cut rather than copying.)
    That gets the photo into the place you want it in the text. When you first upload the photo, you have to decide whether you want it in the centre of the page, on the left, on the right, or not aligned. Not aligned is what I use when I want to line up two or three photos across the page. You can't change its position - left, right, middle etc - once you have uploaded it (as far as I know).
    Good luck!