Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Please follow me, Mr. Goldbaum will see you now…

Can you imagine having to wait for an interview or a meeting with the boss in a room such as this?
It all started when I decided  that my old Ikea seating group needed a make over- and so I painted it white. No more Orange and blue and bright green. It needs to get  an adult look.
This grew into what I thought was a clean, interior designer, very impersonal  look.
But once I start, I easily get carried away, adding this and that, ending up in a black , white and grey festival.
Looking at the photos, it suddenly doesn't seem sooooo impersonal...
Talking of festivals, I think I was very productive these past two weeks. I realy justified the free time I was given. This is my third post!
Its  wonderful out side . all is green and in bloom. Every one is out there travelling. And so my hometown almost seemed deserted.
No cars, no people( they are probably shopping or having a huge picnick ,any way - it's  very quiet.
Getting ready for next week , when life gets hectic as usual once more…..

Furniture is Ikea( ebay), on the shelves I used a variety of my jewlery , mostly rings. thrift shop beads, Etsy ships.
Venetian white glass bottles my brother once gave me, plexiglass boards-local, Cactus plants are by a local miniaturist here in Tivon. I love his stuff!  Floor is a placemat by Golf .porcelain napkin rings serve as plexiglass shelve holders.
Pouf,and upholstery- by me.
 Beakers and water bottles are ebay.


  1. Da hast du dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen. Super! Kann mich gar nicht sattsehen an dieser Harmonie.

  2. Echt? Vielen Dank. Gute Nacht.

  3. Oh, Neomi, this is just absolutely fabulous...everything so perfect. I agree with Petra. A question, if I might. What do you use to paint plastic?
    Love, Dory

  4. Hi Dory,
    I use Acrylic paint. Its the best! For this scene, I tried spray at first , but it was transparent. Acrilic paint, never let me down. The best I ever used is "Apple Barrel" it an American brand, you've probably seen.

  5. Fantastic design! Cool! Absolutely!
    Venetian white glass bottles are Wow wow!
    And also those Cactus plants! Love them!
    Hugs Kikka

  6. You are so creative! A nice clean modern look and so many bright ideas.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Que preciosidad, muy creativo y original.
    Se ve todo fantastico, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  8. Una escena estupenda,... conocí tu blog a través de Rosa, voy a seguir mirando. Saludos

  9. Okay, now I want to dig out my IKEA furniture and give it a makeover like this. I love the black and white. Very glamorous. I'd wait in to see the doctor all day in this room.

  10. Thanks Mini Dork - For a huge complement! I'm also happy with this result and intend to use the sofa and armchairs more often.

  11. I love it!!!
    Un gran trabajo Neomi!!! Me encanta!