Friday, 29 May 2015

Photography classes made me dive again.

I take photography classes since late last October.
When I had to choose my end of term subject, it was clear to me , it would be the  Minis.
So I dived right back as deep as I could and came up with these two bed rooms .
In both, Pattie Jonsonsons four poll bed is reigning.

This is the Black& white sceene.

The following is more flamboyant and includes a hand crocheted bed throw and a washi tape background  decoration.


  1. Hi Neomig, the photogrpahy classes are really paying off. Your scenes have been photographed beautifully. Love all of the furniture but especially the fabulous metal chair =0) Nice to see a post from you again =0D

  2. Pepper- Imagine this chair is from the UK!

  3. Nice photos. Maybe I need to take a class too...It's looking great.

  4. Qué bonitas habitaciones!!!

  5. Schöne Fotos und immer wieder schön, wie Du in der Box dekorierst - so kreativ und besonders. Freue mich, mal wieder von dir zu hören.

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  7. Two beautiful rooms! If photography is your new motivation, then please don't stop taking classes. Great to see you back!