Saturday, 22 January 2011

We love cupcakes

" I love cupcakes, especially the pink ones....... I wish someone will get me a few for my birthday." My niece declared quite close to her 20th birthday.
So her aunt got busy making a few, eternally sweet out of papiermache.
I enjoyed  so much making them, and she loved getting her present.
What you see ,when enlarged, is more or less life size.

The green "Tutu skirt  " and the" Mini cake on a cupcake" are my favorites!

The pink one and the tall one both decorated with cherries are my nieces choise-
Justly so ,after all - she wanted PINK....


  1. Ah, these are fabulous, Neomi!
    I'm just starting to play with paper mache, and it's inspiring to see the detail and sense of fun that you have achieved with your clever hands!
    Your niece will love them, I'm sure!


  2. You are the sweetest aunt :):). I find it really interesting that you made them with paper!

  3. A lovely present. I am sure she was delighted and no calories!

  4. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.

  5. LOVE this!!! So creative.. I'm officially following you ;)) I'm Marilyn from - excited to indulge in more of your fun and creative posts.. Please stop by sometime ;)) Happy Friday...