Friday, 8 October 2010

Papiermachee house

This green house was made late last year.Its a semi cupboard ( 90x43x24 cm) its far from being modern on the outside, but hey- look on the inside! 
I gathered all my ethnic characters and my miniature china which I love but  is too big for a dollhouse. 
some details:
The background is "Made by Joel" cute paper city.look up his great site :
Further wall hanging :
the mirror is a small version of bigger Papier Machee  done with seashells and various beads.
Seats are German vintage restored by me and the turquoise occasional chair is Petite Princess.

can someone explain to me how to put more than one photo in one line?


  1. Enhorabuena, me encanta como te esta quedando.
    Es un trabajo precioso y muy colorido.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    besitos ascension

  2. ¡Cuanta alegria desprende esa casa! Enhorabuena por este trabajo.
    Besos Clara

  3. fabulous idea I really like the way you have put this together

  4. Thank you Janice , Clara and Ascension!

  5. Such a sublime feast for the mind and soul!! Your art is so pleasing, Neomi - I just love this!!!!

  6. Echt schön - alles so schön bunt und dein eigener Stil und die Möbel sind auch toll. Ich mag es.
    Übrigens, gestern endlich ist Dein Paket zur Post gekommen. Es war eine harte Woche für mich. Und beim ersten Versuch am Montag wog das Ding wieder ein paar Gramm zuviel. Ich hoffe nun, es ist bald bei Dir und Du freust Dich.
    Bis später mal

  7. Thank you Glenda and Petra, I did not know if I can put this house on the blog.....It took me sometime to get used to it. At the benning it served as a storage space for all my minis....

  8. I gasped when I saw this! I LOVE IT!!!!

  9. Ich mag die schönen kräftigen strahlenden Farben. Sehr schön.