Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Stylish Zula

In the Hebrew slang dictionary I find under the term "Zula" :
A hiding place where one can relax and rest.
"The nargila's ( hooka)  smell disturbes my folks so I smoke in the back yard - What a zula..."
A zula usually resembles  an eastern atmosphere:Lots of rugs and cushions.
I decided to combine a bit of decadence with eastern flair , a tribute to Gustav Klimt and eastern splendor.
Is it a hiding place for Paul Newman and the kid Robert Redfort?
Is it an Art Nouveau upgraded into the twentieth century?

It should be a fun place where you can smoke your Nargila, drink beer and anoccasional game of cards.

Don't catch me on that, I never knew how to play cards myself... 
On the whole the general impression is a bit might be the wallpaper what do you think?

I toyed with wavy cardboard partly painted in  golden  acrilic ( as a lamp).
I made the Nargila of  which I'm quite proud .......
Vintage German cupboard,
Petite Princess Drum chairs , table and phone.
Diary by Peppercorn Minis- Thanks Glenda!
Cards: Oese.
Pictures: Miriam Dauber's minature portrait, German vintage  box of matches .Cushion : Mini- Modernistas.

I took photos outside- there is nothing better for authentic look than open air..... Still the reality color-wise lays somewhere in between.....


  1. Neomi - 'zula' - I love it!!
    Klimt designs have always intrigued me,and I have wondered how to incorporate them in a scene. This looks fabulous! The colours are so pleasing, the place is so comfortable and welcoming as a hideaway :)
    Eastern themes seem so much more relaxing than western settings, somehow, and you have caught this atmosphere so very well!
    The nargila is excellent!! I could imagine sitting here drinking refreshing tea :)

    It doesn't look heavy to me - more 'cosy'. :))
    Love it to bits, well done!!

  2. Yes you captured the mosaic glamour of Klimt. Did you know he was from a family of jewelry makers and his early training was in setting jewels?
    I also love the hookah smoke. The gold cardboard lamp is my favorite though. You showed so much creativity and talent in this post! So pleasing! Love the gold circles in the margin echoing the glitz.CM

  3. I think your nargilah is fabulous! Just fabulous :)! The smoke is very realistic! :)

  4. Dear Glenda
    Thanks! I hope you've noticed your contribution!

  5. Dear Carol
    Thanks! I did not know this detail on Klimt. It does echo in his paintings! It explains a lot.

  6. Dear Sans
    I certainly learned a thing or two from you !
    The smoke by the way comes from my best teachers:

  7. Te ha quedado una escena verdaderamente preciosa!!!
    Has sabido escoger todos los detalles y quedan genial.
    El humo muy realista.
    besitos ascension

  8. Wow, that's so smart using wavy cardboard this way, I'd never thought of it:) The photo with the phone is gorgeus, I think you've really captured the atmosphere, congrats!

  9. Cara Ascension!
    Muchos Gracias!

  10. Dear Victoria
    Thank you so much . Coming from you I definitely
    consider this a compement!

  11. WOW! I love it, every detail in it is fantastic!!!! lots of creativity and imagination.
    Love from Lisbon

  12. Nice work! I like the glittery chairs and the cardboard floor!......Cool and smart!