Friday, 23 April 2010

DIY - Table and benches

Ever sinceI broke my leg, my mini creativity has been blooming. 
I couldn't walk, so couldn't even leave the premises...
On one of my "journey's" to see the doctor , I was kindly driven to get some balsa wood- I gusses I could handle this kind easier than any other kind of wood in my den. It prooved perfect for me. 

I made this  long table and leather upholsted sitting benches.

I intend to make my next table wider so it can be set properly.
proportions are 1:12
The leather are my late red boots...


  1. Sehr schön - wie schneidest du das Balsaholz? Ich habe auch einige alte Handtaschen und so etwas, um es zu Sitzgelegenheiten zu machen. Der Ausblick aus deinem Küchenfenster ist sehr gemütlich!

  2. Congratulations! I added you to my blog roll at Check yourself out. Have lots of fun and hope you will be hopping around soon! CM

  3. Dear Carol
    Thanks so much for every thing!

  4. Lovely setting, Neomi! I've not tried woodwork, yet! This is inspiring me to have a go. How's your leg?

  5. dear Glenda
    My cast is off! thanks