Saturday 29 April 2017

Moshe Samter- Great mini world

Today I met a special person,natural charmer full of energy,loves company and laughs!
He is 94 this year .
He always made some crafts always trying something new.
Until he landed in the miniature world . He did bookbinding,leather works and other DIY fields .
He makes every display out of scratch ,venir,cardboard,fabric and leather scraps and all nature can offer- seads,shells ect.
.He is a natural talent.
He and his family built a private museum where he shows his lovely art .
I made as many photos as I could to pass you the experience.

Real leather binded books. The open book is the gutenberg bible.

 Snake skin screens on the right.
 Haifa sea stones combines into "virgin island" statues.
a church

a synagoge

 On one pannel Moshe explains and demonstrates his methods.

His tiny circus reminds me on the Alexander Calder circus I've seen in a kinetic toy exhibition.
If you are in Israel,go see this museum in Yoqneam.